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  • Sightseeing city tour «Hero-city Volgograd» with visit to the most significant sights and of the main war memorial «To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad» at Mamayev Kurgan.
    Flexible, private Volgograd sightseeing city tour with your own personal driver and guide of Stalingrad.
    Sightseeing city tour «Hero city Volgograd» with visit to historical and memorial complex «Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad» on Mamaev Kurgan will meet guests to the main memorial sites and attractions, located at the historical crossroads between Asia and Europe.
    Sightseeing city tour "Hero-city Volgograd" with visit to Mamayev Hill – main height #102.0 including visit to all main sights: Square of Fallen Fighters, Alley of Heroes of Stalingrad and WW2, Eternal Flame, the tree survived the battle, memorial of the 3 Heroes of Soviet Union, dozens of mass graves of Soviet/Russian soldiers, street of Chuikov, Central Embankment of 62nd Army, Cenral River port and the place of Volga Crossing, line of defense of 62nd Army/Stalingrad front in the city, memorial to the civilians-victims of bombardment of 23rd of August 1942, memorial to Komsomols, Square and memorial of Vladimir Lenin, Pavlov's House defended for 58 days which was marked on personal map of Friedrich Paulus as fortress, Hall of Glory, Not a Step Backwards Memorial, symbolic Ruined Walls, survived buildings after the battle with the damages after fightings etc.

    The main historical sights you will see during the tour:
    Central embankment behalf of the 62nd Army - the main gate of the city from the Volga;
    The Alley of Heroes - Volgograd Arbat Memorial Square;
    Square of fallen heroesZero kilometer;
    All of the Volgograd roads start here;
    Post number one, where Volgograd schoolchildren are on weekdays service in honor of the defenders of the city;
    The Eternal Flame in the memory of Stalingrad;
    Peace street – a symbol of rebirth of the city after the war;
    Pavlov's house - one of the bastions of the soldier's of Fame which on the pesonal map of German general Paulus was marked as fortressLenin’s Square;
    the ruins of the mill house;
    Mamaev Kurgan (Mamai Hill) - the main height of Russia known during the battle as height # 102.0;
    All Saints Church which was opened to the 60-year anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 in 2005.

    The price includes:
    tour itinerary;
    transportation services (comfortable air-conditioned car);
    skilled guide-interpreter (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian speaking).

    Welcome to the sightseeing city tour of Volgograd former Stalingrad.


  • Tour to Kalach-on-Don - the city of military Glory
    Tour to Kalach-on-Don - the city of military Glory. The end of the operation Uranus - encirclement of German Army in Stalingrad.
    Kalach-on-Don is a town in 80 km from Volgograd, where the great encirclement of the German troops was completed on 23rd of November 1942 during the Soviet counter offensive operation Uranus by the forces of Stalingrad, South West and with assistance of Don Front.
    On November 19, 1942, the Red Army launched Operation Uranus, a giant pincer movement whose jaws snapped shut at Kalach five days later, trapping the German Sixth and 4th Panzer Armies in Stalingrad.

    The tour includes visiting of the following sights:
    Visit of the city of Kalach-on-Don and memorials around;
    The bridge over the Don River, the latter being an outer defensive perimeter Common grave of the Soviet soldiers where burried more than 1000 soldiers which died during the defence and liberatiion of Kalach-on-Don;
    T-70 tank memorial in Kalach-on-Don established here on 12 December 1942;
    «Meeting of Two Fronts» memorial where was completed the encirclement of the German-Nazis forces on 23rd of November 1942 under Stalingrad.

    Additional sights to visit (extra payment):
    Golubinskiy stanitsa (the HQ of the 6th German army before encirclement, an old church of Saint Nicolas);
    Josef Stalin tank memorial and soviet mass grave on the Don steppe.

    The tour to Kalach-on-Don may be perfectly combined on the same day with tours to Peschanka, Golubinsky and Pitomnik airfield.

    The price includes:
    transportation services;
    skilled guide-interpreter.

    We also provide:
    Russian visa support (for free if the tour already ordered);
    Hotel reservations;
    Transportation services (airport-hotel-airport, railway station-hotel, or delivery from or to nearby towns etc).

    3 steps to book the tour to Kalach-on-Don - the end of the operation Uranus, Stalingrad:
    Email your request for a tour;
    Specify the terms and the tours you would like to book;
    Get the confirmation with payment details.


  • Tour to the town of Gorodische and Soldiers' Field memorial
    Tour to the town of Gorodische and Soldiers' Field Memorial.
    During this tour you will learn about the role of Gorodische small town during the Battle of Stalingrad and will visit to the several memorials including the mass graves of Soviet soldiers and the area where still lie the remains of German soldiers and officers died in action in Stalingrad.

    Tour to the outskirts of the city to Soldiers' Field Memorial with its touching story about the girl who never received her father's last letter from Stalingrad. The sight is also gives a perfect view of the city defence line. The main composition of the memorial is a bronze sculpture of a girl, rushes to the common grave of Soviet soldiers, whose remains were found in mine field. In the center of the memorial - a funnel in the form of a five-pointed star, which rises from the bottom of "explosion" of cemented shells and shrapnel bombs, shells and mines. It is a symbol of the last explosion of the second world war.

    The tour to Gorodische is perfectly combined with other 3-4 hour tours on the same day.

    The main highlights of tour to the town of Gorodische and Soldiers' Field Memorial:
    Gorodische town with its sights;
    Visit to the local Orthodox church - a landmark known to all German soldiers in Stalingrad-North. It was used as a dressing-station and was surrounded by large German cemeteries;
    Soldiers' Field Memorial known during the battle as Field of Dead;
    Several mass graves of Soviet soldiers died during defence in 1942 and liberation of town of Gorodische in 1943;
    Enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape and the steppe preserved since the battle.

    The price includes:
    transportation services (comfortable car with air conditioner);
    all entrance tickets, fees and taxes;
    skilled guide-interpreter (English speaking).


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